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Various examples of my writing.
Scripts, short stories, radio, video, everything short of my tweets.
Peruse at your pleasure.

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With Masterclass, you can truly Master All Trades.


UBER and MADD join together in this anti-drunk driving PSA.



Pattys? Patties? Whatever the case, this Radio ad proves they taste even better than they sound. Take a listen.


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Penny boarding is apparently not allowed on campus. They use a three strike system, if anyone is curious. Don't ask how I know that.

Enjoy this commercial.


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A fictional short story thriller. Two lifelong friends find themselves in

a desperate situation, as they wake up in a basement with a body, having no recollection of what happened.


This story is a painful one, but it is 100% true, and it changed the way I view the world around me.

TW - Abuse

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